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The Roto2000 auto rotisserie simplifies the restoration process by providing 360-degree access. An auto/car rotisserie restoration can be completed faster and easier than conventional methods with better results. Affordable quality and customer satisfaction has made us #1 in the business.

A flexible or "soft" car rotisserie can stress a body shell.....We use thicker steel and are more rigid than many other units available!

Choose from 7 available accessories that you want your order set up with. Units come standard with 3000lb capacity, variable length, height, width, and rotational balance adjustments.

  • 5 year warranty!!

  • Height, length, and width adjustable

  • Rotates bodies or frames 360 degrees

  • Safe and easy to use

  • Rotational balancing for easy spinning

  • Built to last

  • Can be used on a variety of vehicles including cars, pickups and more.

  • Larger gussets for extra stability

  • Triple pass welds in high stress areas

  • No slip tension adjustments hold adjustments securely

  • Pre built and in stock  

  • Trusted reputation for quality


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