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Car Rotisseries

The Roto2000 car rotisserie provides 360-degree rotational accessibility during your auto rotisserie restoration.  Since 1999 our USA manufactured auto rotisserie has been built to strict standards and we refuse to build an inferior machine similar to those offered by other suppliers. Consumers want an affordable yet high quality tool and that is exactly what they get with our unit. Many years of customer satisfaction has made us the #1 choice of auto restorers.

  Heavy Duty rotisserie construction has gusseting, multi-pass welds, and thicker steel to help reduce flex and stress on the body shell!

car rotisserie

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Rotates car bodies, truck cab/boxes, frames and much more 360 degrees for easy restorations

  • Simple to use with illustrated instructions

  • Weight balancing for easy spinning

  • Fully adjustable

  • Fully gusseted makes your car rotisserie more stable than other units

  • Triple pass welds and heavier gauge steel

  • Fully Adjustable to accommodate many types of vehicles

  • Roto 2000 trusted reputation for professional quality auto rotisseries

  • Prebuilt and in stock with fast shipping


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